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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hey! You should really check out this blog. I've never used a blog post to recommend a blog before but this one is really good. It's written by this elderly lady in her 60s. Really rare to read blogs by the elderly and it's in mandarin too. Simple enough for me to understand and it's very heartwarming. feels really as if your grandma could be speaking to you... hmm which is a strange thing coz my grandmas are both english educated and don't speak mandarin at all. But hope you know what i mean.

story about this elderly woman can be found in
Also another cool blog of a hongkonger..


Anonymous Sheta said...

Pinky grandma is in her 70's now, driving roadster (her son's Benz SLK), writing blogs and playing with her cat Pinky. She's so cute!

Thanks for visiting my blog from time to time. :)

Merry Christmas.

2:19 AM  

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